Moonkie’s First Bites Gift Set: Baby Feeding Essentials (Honest Mom Review)

Fresh off the rollercoaster ride that is introducing solids to my (adorable, but currently covered in pureed mango) 1-year-old, I’m here to chat about a lifesaver of a product for baby feeding essentials: Moonkie’s First Bites Gift Set. Full transparency – Moonkie kindly gifted me this set to try. Mamas, let me tell you, this review is 100% honest, and I would buy this for any fellow parent in the trenches of messy mealtimes.

So, if you’re knee-deep in purees, spatulas, and the never-ending question of “where did all this food go?”, then buckle up for a review from a mama who’s been there (and probably still has remnants of banana in her hair).

What’s in the Box?

Moonkie’s First Bites Gift Set is all about making self-feeding a breeze. It includes:

  • 1 Silicone Suction Bowl: This handy bowl sticks securely to highchair trays thanks to its suction base, making it a mess-minimizing champion among baby feeding essentials. Added bonus, it’s shaped like a cute cat!
  • 1 Silicone Suction Plate with Lid: This versatile plate features a suction base to keep it put, and the included lid makes storing leftovers or taking purees on-the-go a breeze – a true win for busy moms!
  • 2 Silicone Baby Food Containers: Portion control and mess-free storage? Yes, please! These leak-proof containers are lifesavers for storing and transporting homemade purees – another must-have for your baby feeding essentials collection.
  • 1 First Stage Infant Drinking Cup (Sippy & Training Cups): This clever cup transitions from a spill-proof sippy cup to a training cup, making it a long-lasting staple in your baby feeding essentials stash.
  • 1 Spoon+Fork Set: This spoon and fork set is perfectly sized for tiny hands and includes an anti-choke shield, making it a delightful introduction to self-feeding for your little one.
  • 1 Silicone Baby Bib: A wide catching pocket and a comfortable silicone design make this bib a messy-mealtime hero. It’s a must-have among baby feeding essentials to keep your little one (and your laundry) clean!
  • 1 Silicone Placemat: This dishwasher-safe and wipeable placemat creates a designated eating zone, making cleanup a breeze.
  • 1 Silicone Baby Feeding Spoon: This soft-tipped spoon is gentle on gums and perfectly sized for tiny mouths, making it a comfortable and safe tool for your baby’s self-feeding adventures.

The set comes in 3 colors: Blush/Muted, Sage/Mint, and Croissant/Ivory

Messy Magic: Putting the Kit to the Test

First Impressions: Cute & Functional Baby Feeding Essentials  

First Impressions: Cute & Functional.  We love the blush/muted color that’s feminine but not too bright and girly.  The kit also comes in sage/mint and croissant/ivory.  The soft silicone feels luxurious and high quality.   There are two gift options, luxe and standard.  Both kits include the same items with the only difference being the package.  This is a great buy for yourself or a fellow mama.

Spooning Up Success

One of the biggest hits with this set was the Silicone Feeding Spoon. The long handle was a favorite for my little one compared to other spoons we’ve tried. It gave her a much better grip and more control while she was scooping and bringing the food to her mouth.

The design of the spoon bowl itself was also perfect. It was large enough to hold a decent amount of food and deep enough that even runny purées and smoothies stayed put during those wobbly maneuvers. But most importantly, the shallow design of the bowl meant my baby could easily access all the food without getting frustrated. This is a common problem with some deeper spoons.

And let’s not forget the soft silicone tip! It was gentle on her gums yet sturdy enough to gum on without worry. While every baby has a different preference for feeding spoons (you should try a variety of shapes and styles), Moonkie’s was and still is our favorite mealtime tool.

The Sippy Cup: Mastering Straws and Transitioning with Ease

The First Stage Infant Drinking Cup was a double win in our house! It came with two interchangeable lids, offering both a straw and a sippy cup option. This set is perfect for where we are in our sippy cup journey and transitioning from a bottle. The soft silicone spout and straw are gentle on her gums and great during teething.

First up, the straw! We loved the clear straw design. Unlike some trickier sippy cups, this one allowed us to see if our little one was getting any liquid up the straw, a huge plus. While she’s still mastering the art of straw sipping. The one drawback is that the cup did leak with the straw in. I would recommend practicing with water before milk or formula!

The real star for us right now, however, is the sippy cup lid. It’s fantastic as a transition cup, which is exactly what we needed at this stage. The cup is a manageable size for her tiny hands, and the two handles make it easy for her to grasp and hold securely. Most importantly, so far, it’s been leakproof and spill-proof!

Portion Control Champs: Plate, Bowl, and Storage on the Go

The suction on these plates and bowls is no joke! While the plate suctions better than the bowl (with four points of suction instead of one), it all depends on the surface you’re suctioning to. They both suction well to our quartz counter, but not as well to our highchair. Moonkie advertises that they suction best to marble, smooth or shiny plastic, smooth synthetic wood, and glass. We found that they do not suction well to our Lalo highchair (made of non-toxic plastic). However, using the Moonkie placemat over the tray seems to work well.

We’re still working on portion control and “food stuffing“, but the plate having three separated areas will come in handy. Both bowl and plate come with a lid making them a double threat – perfect for storing leftovers or taking them on the go.

Speaking of on-the-go, the Silicone Baby Food Containers were a lifesaver. Portioning out purees in advance is a must for busy parents, and these leak-proof containers (as advertised!) did the trick beautifully. The lids secured tightly, so there were no worries about messy spills in the diaper bag. They were also a breeze to warm up and clean, making them a win-win for storing and transporting homemade baby food.

Keeping Things Clean: The Placemat and Bib Take Center Stage

The battle against mealtime mess continued with the silicone bib and placemat, and let’s just say they put up a good fight! Both were incredibly easy to clean – a major plus for busy moms like myself. A quick wipe-down or a toss in the dishwasher (yes, they’re all dishwasher-safe!) and they were ready for the next mealtime adventure.

The Silicone Baby Bib was a champion at containing the inevitable spills and splatters. Made from a surprisingly sturdy yet super-soft silicone, it had a wide catching pocket that effectively shielded my little one’s clothes from the puree wars. The adjustable clasp ensured a comfortable fit that grew with them, another bonus.

The Silicone Placemat was another winner. It created a designated eating zone on the highchair tray, helping to contain the mess and making cleanup a breeze. But here’s the coolest feature – the placemat has a star-shaped holder that secures the rolled-up mat for easy travel and storage. No more struggling with unfolded mats in the diaper bag – genius!

Moonkie First Bites Gift Set Baby Feeding Essentials

The Verdict: A Must-Have for Your Baby Feeding Essentials Arsenal

With its clever design, high-quality materials, and focus on functionality, Moonkie’s First Bites Gift Set has quickly become a mealtime must-have in our house. From the perfectly-sized, soft-tipped spoons to the leak-proof storage containers and the magical mess-minimizing suction plates, this kit has everything you need to navigate the exciting (and sometimes messy!) world of introducing solids to your little one.

Whether you’re a new parent embarking on this adventure for the first time, or a seasoned pro looking for a functional and adorable upgrade, Moonkie’s First Bites Gift Set is sure to become a mealtime MVP. Plus, with its adorable design and variety of colors, it makes a fantastic gift for any baby shower or new arrival!

The gift set comes in a standard box option and a luxe box option. Both options have the same contents with the only difference being the packaging. If you’re purchasing as a gift for someone, be sure to purchase the luxe box option. You can also personalize the kit with a child’s name!

Keep in mind that you cannot currently purchase everything in the kit individually. You can however purchase some of the baby feeding essentials including the Silicone Feeding Spoons (our favorite!), Suction Plates, First Stage Infant Drinking Cups, Silicone Baby bibs, and Silicone Placemats.

Top Tips for Making Mealtimes Fun (and a Little Less Messy!)

Introducing solids is a sensory adventure for your little one, and mealtimes can quickly turn into a messy (but joyful!) experience. Here are some tips to make those first bites fun and engaging for both you and your baby:

Make it a Playdate:

Think of mealtime as a fun exploration, not just about getting food in the belly. Let your baby touch, explore, and even “play” with the food (within reason!). This helps them familiarize themselves with different textures and builds a positive association with eating. This took me some getting used to as the mess drove me crazy! But she has to get a little messy while learning and exploring, it’s ok mama.

Get Colorful

Presentation matters! A colorful plate filled with a variety of brightly colored fruits and veggies is more visually appealing and can entice your baby to try new things.

Sing Songs & Make Silly Sounds:

Turn mealtime into a mini-show! Sing silly songs about food, make funny faces while feeding, and use playful language. This keeps your baby engaged and adds a joyful element to the experience. Try not to trick your baby into eating, be sure to either let them self-feed or wait for an open and inviting mouth. I found this article from Starting Solids to be very helpful during my journey. What to do when baby won’t touch food.

Let Them Self-Feed (When Appropriate):

As your baby develops their motor skills, encourage them to self-feed with their hands or a spoon (supervised, of course!). This gives them a sense of independence and control, which can make mealtimes more enjoyable.

Focus on the Fun, Not the Finish:

Don’t stress about how much your baby actually eats. The most important thing is for them to have a positive experience with food. Offer a variety of options, let them explore, and celebrate any interaction they have with the food, even if it doesn’t end up in their mouth!

Embrace the Mess:

Let’s be honest, mealtimes with a baby will be messy. Invest in a good bib and washable placemat, and relax! The focus should be on creating a happy and positive experience for your baby, not on keeping everything perfectly clean.

Remember, patience is key! Introducing solids is a learning process for both you and your baby. By incorporating these tips and using a kit like Moonkie’s First Bites Gift Set, you can make mealtimes a fun and memorable part of your baby’s development.

This page contains affiliate links for products I use and love. If you take action (i.e. subscribe, make a purchase) after clicking a link, I may earn some extra money, which I promise to use for creating more helpful content like this.


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