Newborn Questions: Answering the Most Googled Topics by New Moms

From one mom to another, those early days with a newborn can be full of wonder and exhaustion. I’ve been there too, frantically Googling in the middle of the night and finding comfort in shared experiences. To help you through your journey, this post offers guidance by answering the top 20 most Googled newborn questions from new moms like you. Remember that with each passing day, you are learning and growing, and you can overcome any obstacle that comes your way.

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The top most googled newborn questions by new moms

Why Do Babies Cry?

Crying is your baby’s main way of communicating hunger, discomfort, overstimulation, or something else. It can be frustrating, but remember that this too shall pass. Checking for basic needs like a diaper change, feeding or burping can help soothe many tears. Sometimes, babies just need to be held close. I found comfort in Taking Cara Babies’ class “Will I Ever Sleep Again?” where she gives great tips on how to calm a fussy baby.

How Often Should My Baby Poo?

In those early days, expect a newborn to poo multiple times per day. Frequency varies, but at least one dirty diaper per 24 hours is normal. Consult your pediatrician if stool seems too hard/infrequent or too runny/frequent. And if you’re a pregnant mama and don’t know about meconium (a newborn’s first poop) get ready. This was one of the newborn questions I googled even after the nurses told me about it.

Why Do Babies Vomit?

It’s common for babies to spit up, especially right after a feeding while their digestive systems are still immature. Make sure to burp and keep them upright during/after eating. Frequent projectile vomiting may signal reflux and needs medical attention.

What is the Best Baby Monitor?

I personally like video monitors to keep an eye on my little one, but audio-only options work too. Key features are night vision, temperature sensors, long-range, talk-back communication, and portability. Do your research to find one with your must-have features.

I use the Nanit Pro Camera and I honestly could not live without it. Features I love include sound and motion alerts, sleep tracking and analytics, sensor-free breathing motion monitoring, travel-ready, built-in night light, sound machine, it’s HSA and FSA eligible, and so much more.

Why Do Babies Shake Their Heads?

That adorable head shaking is common in newborns. It doesn’t bother them and usually goes away around 2-4 months as their neck muscles strengthen. I Googled this newborn question multiple times. My little one still does it as she’s falling asleep and my pediatrician says it is still totally normal and a form of self-soothing.

How Much Do Newborns Sleep?

Expect total sleep of 15-17 hours per day, including naps. But sleep patterns are erratic at first, so rest when baby rests! (I know, that is the worst parenting advice and it is hard to do, but trust me it does make all the difference if you can get some sleep when your little one does). Swaddling, white noise, and consistent routines can help. Again, I swear by Taking Cara Babies classes and she has a great bundle (First Five Months Bundle) that helped my little one sleep through the night (I’m talking 12 hours straight) by 12 weeks old. Her strategies may not work for every baby, but they’re worth a try if you are struggling, mama.

How to Bathe a Newborn Baby

Sponge baths are safest at first. Have lukewarm water, washcloths, towels, and soap nearby. Gently clean their face with a washcloth and no soap. Then clean the neck, underarms, and diaper area. You can use cotton balls for sensitive areas. Cradle the baby’s head at all times. Move to infant tub baths once the umbilical stump falls off. I personally used the Frida Baby 4-in-1 Grow-with-Me Baby Bathtub. It transitions seamlessly from newborns to infants and toddlers and was perfect for those early sponge baths.

If you need more help with bathtime, I’ve got just the blog for you. How to Make Bathtime With Your Newborn More Enjoyable

Can My Baby See Me?

Yes! Newborns see best 8-15 inches away – about the distance to mom’s face during breastfeeding. Their vision is very blurry but they love looking at faces and contrasting patterns. Take advantage of this special time by making eye contact and expressions together. By about 6 months they are seeing family clearly.

What Should I Feed My Baby?

Exclusive breastfeeding is recommended for the first 6 months whenever possible. If supplementing, consult your pediatrician on formula choices. Don’t give other food/drink until around 6 months. I had a hard breastfeeding journey and was constantly googling newborn questions about breastfeeding, formula, and later starting solids.

I ended up exclusively pumping for a couple of weeks and quickly turned to supplementing. I finally had to stop pumping at 7 months postpartum. You are not alone on your feeding journey, mama. There are resources out there for you.

(P.S. Kindred Bravely has my favorite postpartum bras! I’m still wearing them now even though I’m done breastfeeding and pumping. The Simply Sublime® Nursing Bra is my favorite with ways to both pump and breastfeed. Link below)

The Breastfeeding Struggle: A Mom’s Journey Of Perseverance

Breastfeeding And Pumping Must-Haves: Your Ultimate Collection Of Comfort And Support

What is Colic?

Colic is intense crying in otherwise healthy babies, often in the evenings, that starts/stops without reason. Talk to your doctor; they may suggest remedies like tummy massage, warm baths, gripe water or changes in your diet if breastfeeding.

How Often Should Newborns Be Fed?

As newborns, expect 8-12 feedings per day, whenever showing hunger signs like lip smacking. Breastfed babies may eat more frequently than formula fed. I was given the advice to feed on demand – let your baby set the schedule. I googled this newborn question constantly as my baby grew and changed, expect variations in your baby’s eating habits. I used a dream feed up until about 9 months, and while it does not work for everyone, it helped my little girl and was one of my favorite parts of the day.

Why Do Babies Fake Cough?

This one caught me off guard at first, and I blamed my dad for teaching her how to do it. But that odd, fake-sounding cough is harmless, and it may help strengthen respiratory muscles. Always check for signs of illness, but if baby seems content otherwise, there’s no need for concern.

When Can My Baby Hold Their Head Up?

Newborns have weak neck and head control. Expect them to lift their head briefly around 1-2 months when on their tummy. Full head control comes around 3-4 months. Tummy Time is basically baby’s exercise and has tons of benefits including development like lifting their head.

Is My Baby Getting Enough To Eat?

Track wet diapers – expect at least 6 per day once milk supply is established. Listen for swallowing during feedings. Weight checks at pediatrician visits can provide assurance. If you are worried about your baby getting enough, talk to your pediatrician.

If you need help tracking, I’ve got you covered! I’ve created a newborn tracking printable kit and you can get it for 30% off, just use cod “BLOGMAMA” at checkout.

Mothers And Moms Newborn Tracking Printables

When Will My Baby Sleep Through The Night?

Babies typically start sleeping through the night at around 3 to 6 months of age, although the exact timing can vary from one baby to another. “Sleeping through the night” typically means a stretch of about 6 to 8 hours without waking up for feeding or other needs. Some babies may achieve this milestone earlier, while others may take longer.

My baby girl was sleeping through the night at 12 weeks, and it was incredible! My husband and I took Taking Cara Babies’ course First Five Months Bundle to learn all the tricks and how to find some sort of a routine for her to sleep including utilizing a dream feed.

Factors such as individual temperament, feeding habits, nursery setup, and sleep routines can influence when a baby begins to sleep through the night. It’s important to note that newborns have small stomachs and may need frequent feedings, so they typically wake up during the night for feeding in the early months. Parents can help encourage healthy sleep habits by establishing a consistent bedtime routine and creating a conducive sleep environment for their baby.

Consulting with a pediatrician can also provide personalized guidance on promoting healthy sleep habits for your baby. (I recommend Taking Cara Babies before baby is here, I did not listen to my friend’s recommendation until baby girl was 2 weeks old)

When Can I Give My Baby a Pacifier?

This can be a polarizing topic! Do your research and form your own opinion on this one. At least wait until breastfeeding is well established, often around 3-4 weeks old. This ensures baby takes to the breast well and avoids nipple confusion. If you do decide to use one, purchase a few different types because each baby has their preferences. Tommee Tippee turned out to be my girl’s favorite.

When Should I Take My Baby Outside?

It’s generally safe to take your healthy newborn outside shortly after birth, considering the weather and your baby’s comfort. Avoid extreme temperatures and crowded places, and dress your baby appropriately. Choose mild times of the day and monitor your baby’s cues for comfort and safety. If your baby has health concerns or special needs, consult your pediatrician for personalized advice.

It’s always a good idea to limit interaction with adults outside of immediate family until your baby has had any vaccines if that’s the path you choose. Talk to your doctor about what vaccines adults should have before handling your newborn.

When Can My Baby Use a Bottle?

Babies can typically start using a bottle within the first few weeks if they are formula-fed or if breastfeeding isn’t possible. If exclusively breastfeeding, wait until it’s well-established (around 3-4 weeks) to avoid nipple confusion. Choose a slow-flow nipple to mimic breastfeeding pace and consult with your pediatrician if you have concerns.

We went with the bottles that were provided at the hospital, Dr. Brown’s Natural Flow® Anti-Colic Options+™ (breastfeeding was a challenge for me and I ultimately moved to exclusively pumping) and have continued to do so changing the nipple flow as our baby grows.

How Do I Trim My Newborn’s Nails?

This was probably one of the scariest things for me! As your medical provider while your with your newborn. Use baby nail clippers or a baby nail file while they sleep. Cut straight across to avoid ingrown nails. Safety first!

How Do I Soothe a Gassy Baby?

Gentle tummy massage, bicycling legs, warm baths, burping, and gas drops can provide relief. Avoiding foods that cause gas if breastfeeding may help too. Talk to your pediatrician as there may be some over-the-counter options to help soothe your baby.

Is My Baby’s Poop Normal?

This was one of my favorite newborn questions, the research was . . . interesting. Assessing your baby’s poop for normalcy involves considering factors such as their age, diet, and overall well-being. For breastfed babies, stool tends to be mustard-yellow, seedy, and loose in consistency, while formula-fed babies may have firmer, tan or yellowish stools. Frequency varies widely among infants, from several times a day to once every few days, and can be normal as long as your baby appears comfortable and is gaining weight appropriately.

Temporary changes in color or consistency are common and often nothing to worry about. However, if you notice persistent changes, such as the presence of blood or mucus, or if your baby seems unusually fussy or uncomfortable, it’s essential to consult with your pediatrician. While occasional variations in stool patterns are normal, they can sometimes indicate underlying issues that require medical attention. Always trust your instincts and seek guidance from your healthcare provider whenever you have concerns about your baby’s health.

We’ve got this, mamas. Keep Asking Your Newborn Questions

Motherhood is a journey – full of questions, tears, laughter and lessons. Take it one day at a time, follow your instincts and don’t be afraid to reach out for support when you need it. Asking all these newborn questions is normal, as moms, we’re in this together.

Disclaimer: This article is for general informational and educational purposes only. It should not be used as a substitute for medical advice from your pediatrician or doctor. Consult a doctor regarding the health and care of your baby. Do not disregard professional medical advice or delay seeking it due to something you have read here. The author does not assume any liability for use of the information provided. Always trust your maternal instincts if you feel your baby needs medical attention. We are moms supporting each other, but your pediatrician knows your child’s care needs best.


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